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  Allan 05.27.2007

This is a very informative site - good job!
  Jeff 05.05.2007

Nice site!
  Bill 05.01.2007

Very well structured site I highly recommend it.

But I ask you this - in your magic fire section could you mix 2 different coloured flames to create a new colour

Comment: I updated that page to say that you should not mix the colors. Instead, put a different kind in separate parts of the fire to see the different colors.
  Simone Branchini 04.23.2007

Very nice site!

Who are you who can summon fire without flint or tinder?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  alex 04.13.2007

hi nice site.
  Kath 04.11.2007

One of the best locations I've come across.
Very useful information!

  liam 03.23.2007

love the sight im in scouts(well venturers 14-18yrs)her in perth australia and my unit kalamunda district is gona lurv this sight wer all pyros and my scout leader loves to do cool things thanx for the info peace
  Lonny 03.19.2007

thanks for making this nice site
  WILLIAM J. TAYLOR 03.12.2007

Hey Dude, I'm with the Scout Movement here in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
Thanks for a great sight for research and information. I do a lot of training
here for the leaders woodbadge.
Keep up the good work.


William J. Taylor

  marc 02.28.2007

Easy to use and great info. Thanks for providing the fire starting advice.
  Jonathan 02.20.2007

Good, useful information on your site - thanks!
  Sal 02.17.2007

Thanks for putting the helpful fire starting information out there.
  Mike 01.21.2007

Great site!
  qsimon 01.08.2007

I like your site very much indeed.
  Dale 12.30.2006

Wow great site! Some really helpful information there.
  melinda 12.28.2006

Thanks for putting together this web site. Very informative and easy for all age groups to understand.
  tyler 12.15.2006

i am doing a science fair project on fire starters, and ur site help me get some detials i needed!

  frackers 11.19.2006

Thank you so much for your time, attempt and dedication to maintaining this website. I have visited it often.
  MikeB 11.16.2006

I wish i had the skills to design sites as good as this one - brilliant site!
  small-tree 11.15.2006

Thanks for the information. Keep it up. Best greetings.
  Nick 11.08.2006

Really cool (or hot?) site!
  KathyLee 11.03.2006

Just had to drop a note to say *Thanks* for your helpful pages. The colored fire ideas are easier than I thought.
  KenStiller 11.01.2006

Thanks for the great information. The firestarting aids were a big help.
  Marion Peters 10.30.2006

Very cool campfire information. I didn't know there was so much about campfires!
  KellyMarshall 10.27.2006

What great resources! Thanks
  AishaSevenDay 10.25.2006

I tried these fire starting ways myself and they worked good.
  Clayton Kessler 10.24.2006

Hello Dude,

Your campfire site is awsome. My son has learned a few things from it. I have heard about the Fire Piston for the first time here! I also wanted to let you know about my new campfire video. Check it out at


  BOBWalley 10.23.2006

Hey I hope I win your drawing.
The fire triangle information was helpful - thanks

  Kyle 10.19.2006

Good job, WM!

  Stanley 10.17.2006

informative site. I have learned a lot from your site.