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  Michael 10.10.2006

Good job, thanks for the hot campfire info!
  Joe Biggerstaff 09.12.2006

Dude,This site is awsome sounds like you know your way around the outdoors.I always use copper pipe with garden hose for magic fire but knew that there had to be a better way.Thanks for teaching me O-wise1.Joe
P.S. The homemade fire starters are cool too.

  lobo 09.11.2006

Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.
  amtrack 09.08.2006

This site is fantastic. It`s professional and to the point. I like it a lot.
  Dcam 09.08.2006

Nice site!
  franco 09.07.2006

Hi. Very interesting and informative. I really enjoyed visiting.
  xtc 09.03.2006

Hello,,very nice site.great job !!!
  Kevin 08.17.2006

This is an awesome site, I definitely feel more confident about making campfires.
  Kellen O'Neil 08.16.2006

THis site is really cool. I think it will really help