Fire Starters

Starting Fires

Well, if you're starting a fire, then of course you're going to use matches. Matches are simple, cheap, fast, and reliable - the perfect way to get a fire burning. But, there are many other ways to start a fire and its a good idea to be aware of them, just in case. Besides that, its quite a challenge to get a fire going using these other methods and you can learn a lot while practicing.

There is a separate page for each of these fire starter methods with details and pictures to help you start your own fire.

All of these methods do work to start fire - but not all the time. You need to have certain weather conditions or selected pieces of wood or a lot of luck. But, the idea is to be familiar with different methods of starting fires so you can be a fire starter in the broadest possible range of situations.

Many of these methods just create a spark or ignite a tiny bit of fluff. There are many products and do-it-yourself items that you should consider having along to help you get your fire burning.

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